2MAD Inc
R&D for service systems

via Roma 11  -  Fontana Liri  03035 (Frosinone)
CF: 02971000605   



2MAD company focuses its main activities at

-    Design, production and development of machines and service systems for industrial and third sector applications;

-    Consultancies and development of industrial and non industrial patents;

-    Training and assistance for development and submission of research projects;

-    Organization of events, workshops and congresses;

-    Customized technical support activities for industrial and non-industrial activities;

-    Applications in the field of service robotics and applied technology for example to medical and Cultural Heritage tasks.


 Examples of products:

 -    ARMand; Robotic hand with three independent fingers for industrial, agrifood, didactic applications.

 -    SIMIR: Measurement system with three or six cables for position and force measurements suitable for measurement.